• Athletes

    If you plan to participate in athletics at the junior/community college level or at a four year college or university level, you must register with the NCAA Clearinghouse at www.ncaa.org.  Visit this site for all the rules and requirements – and there are many - pertaining to the college athlete.  Your current coaches need to be of assistance in this process.

    There are different levels of sports programs in four year colleges.  Division I is the highest level of skill, Division II next highest and Division III the lowest level.  Division I and II provide some scholarships (money) but Divisions III does not.

    There are specific numbers of certain high school classes required to be completed which are detailed on the NCAA website so do not wait until your senior year to prepare.

    To best determine what level division schools you might consider applying to, speak with your coach and attend division sports events to see how you match up.

    All schools have intramural sports  which is  competition between groups within the same school. Club sports are a notch below Div III where the school may pay some money to provide uniforms and travel expenses. Club teams compete with other schools.